Fmr Obama Adviser Steven Rattner: ‘Jared Kushner Would Not Have Stepped Foot in the Obama White House’

Steve Rattner, a former adviser to the Obama administration (“Car Czar!“), said on Morning Joe Wednesday that current Trump adviser Jared Kushner would not have been allowed near the previous president’s White House.

The Morning Joe panel was discussing Kushner’s latest predicament: the presidential son-in-law and adviser had his security clearance downgraded on Friday, a move that prevents him from viewing many sensitive documents.

“Look, whatever you want to say about President Obama, there is absolutely no resemblance between the way the Obama White House worked and the way the Trump White House is working,” Rattner explained.

“Jared Kushner would not have set foot in Obama White House,” he said. “For several reasons: one, because he’s not qualified…Trump preferred to bring down people he was comfortable with even though they knew nothing about what they were doing.”

“Secondly, the Obama Administration would have never let people in without them being fully vetted, and all is this stuff coming out about these people would have been fatal.”

“And thirdly, they wouldn’t have let somebody in without a clearance and so this is a completely different show, and we’ll see how it unfolds.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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