comScore Tom Bossert: Trump Must Lift His Gaze To Coronavirus Impact

Fmr Trump Homeland Security Adviser: POTUS Needs to ‘Lift His Gaze’ Toward Long Term Coronavirus Impact

Former Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert said President Donald Trump needs to look at the bigger picture in terms of how the country will eventually move past the coronavirus.

Bossert joined George Stephanopoulos’ panel on ABC’s This Week, where he was asked to speak about his new column on what went wrong with America’s response to Covid-19. However, since Trump is once again pushing for a quick return to normalcy despite ongoing pandemic concerns, Stephanopoulos asked Bossert what he would’ve told Trump if he were still advising him.

“I know what I would be telling the president right now, [it] would be to lift his gaze,” Bossert said. “He’s looking ten feet, and it seems a lot of our leaders are looking ten feet in front of their bumper right now and dealing with the daily hectics and distribution issues. He needs to be looking 20 yards, 200 yards and as far as in front of his headlights as he can.”

Bossert continued by predicting that there will be shortages once a coronavirus vaccine is finally developed, so the country needs to think about how to conduct further testing, how to prepare for the amount of vaccine production that will be necessary, and how to allow public society to return to normal.

Watch above, via ABC.

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