FNC Contributor Tammy Bruce Suggests Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan Could Be Removed by Trump

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce seemed to argue that President Trump has the Constitutional authority to remove Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell from their Congressional leadership positions.

Bruce participated on a Fox & Friends panel this weekend in order to review the political implications of Steve Bannon‘s departure from the White House. Lee Carter was also on the panel, and she argued that even though Bannon’s influence drove Trump’s strong rhetoric, it also contributed to the president’s stalled agenda and troubled relationship with Congress.

Bruce jumped in to state that Trump needs a “partner” in Congress to drive Republican leadership forward, but neither McConnell nor Ryan have fulfilled that role. Bruce referred to the Senate Majority Leader and House Speaker as quiet obstructionists, and said something must be done in order to get someone supportive of Trump to the top of the legislature.

“We can try…We can at least get somebody who’s not going to be aggressively obstructing and not trying to do their job. Right now, McConnell and Ryan – If [Trump] leaves them in, there will be no tax reform by the end of the year.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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