FNC Legal Analyst Predicts It “Could Take Years” Before Arizona Immigration Law Enforced

With the Arizona immigration law debate begins another week of discussion on cable news, Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano joined Gregg Jarrett on America’s Newsroom for a frank discussion.

Napolitano offered a bipartisan critique of past immigration enforcement, and had low hopes for any imminent immigration law enforcement in Arizona.

Napolitano took a historical look at immigration enforcement first. “Why [has] no President since Richard Nixon enforced the immigration laws?” he asked, and then answered. “Because the Democrats want votes and the Republicans want cheap labor.”

As for how this bill will be enforced, he and Jarrett, both with legal backgrounds, did not have high expectations.

Jarrett: This is going to head to the Supreme Court.
Napolitano: I think a federal court will enjoin it, stop it from being enforced, and then litigate the issue.
Jarrett: Could take years.
Napolitano: Absolutely.

Earlier, Napolitano warned of the dangers of enforcement. “I’m not suggesting an ignoble purpose,” he said of how police in Arizona may enforce the law. “They really may believe that that person is an illegal immigrant who doesn’t belong here. They have to find someway to have the lawful contact so they can get to the illegal immigrant issue.”

As the summer heats up (and the primaries tomorrow die down), the politics of immigration will trump the general political discussion. Impartial legal analysts like Judge Napolitano will prove to be invaluable to the debate.

Here’s the segment:

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