FNC’s Gregg Jarrett Implies Al Franken Stole Election While Discussing Alaska Senate Race

The most exciting primary race from Tuesday surprisingly turned out to be the GOP Senate race in Alaska, where Sarah Palin-endorsed Joe Miller appears ready to unseat incumbent Lisa Murkowski.

In a report today on the absentee ballots, Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett compares the situation to when Al Franken was elected – and implying he stole the election.

Jarrett reports “tea party activists who back Miller” sent out a donation email which would help “make sure Murkowski cannot steal the election,’ whatever that means, maybe they were thinking of Al Franken.”

In case you don’t remember the back-and-forth from November 2008-January 2009, here’s a story that raises questions about whether Franken cheated – and here’s one that clearly shows he did not cheat.

Meanwhile Murkowski is weighing her options while the 1,000+ absentee ballots are counted – she may run as a libertarian now, or as a write-in candidate:

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