Focus On The Family’s Tebow-Inspired John 3:16 Ad Prompts Question: Should Religion Be Kept Private?

Tim Tebow, kind of religious. Were you aware of this? The Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback’s Christian faith has inspired many headlines and much debate and, now, it’s the subject of a new ad from the American evangelical Christian non-profit Focus on the Family. The commercial focuses specifically on one of Tebow’s favorite Biblical verses, John 3:16. (“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”)

Roman Catholic priest and author Father Jonathan Morris paid a visit to Fox News’ America’s Newsroom to weigh in on a discussion surrounding the ad: Should one’s faith be a mostly private issue?

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“There’s a very strong trend, I would say, in the United States,” said Fr. Morris, “that suggests that separation of Church and State means you keep your religion in the church or in your home, but don’t have any public expression of this. Tim Tebow is not pushing his faith on anyone. He’s living his faith! He’s actually expressing what he believes.” It’s a nice change of pace, he added, from famous athletes shooting themselves in clubs or abusing dogs.

Have a look, via Fox News:

And here’s the ad they’re discussing:

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