‘Follow the Facts’: Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Warns Against ‘Sloppy Reporting’ During Trump-Comey Blow Up

Fox’s Bill Hemmer hosted Friday’s showing of Tucker Carlson Tonight, and he cautioned reporters to watch themselves as they cover the political explosion President Trump caused by firing James Comey.

Hemmer spoke about how much media attention has gone towards the fact that the White House had to change their stories multiple times in order to explain why exactly Trump fired the FBI director. During this tangent, Hemmer admonished The New York Times by saying “sloppy reporting will not be rewarded on this story.”

Hemmer was referring to the recent Times report which asserted that Comey requested more resources for the FBI’s investigation into Russia before he was terminated. The report was refuted by the Justice Department, and Hemmer noted that acting FBI director Andrew McCabe did much the same thing during his testimony before Congress this week.

Hemmer acknowledged that Trump has a tendency to generate “confusion” and “chaos” for the media, and he brought up how National Review’s Rich Lowry recently described Trump as a “human smoke-making machine.” Hemmer’s recommendation was that the press should pay attention to ongoing leaks from the White House, because any solid evidence to damage Trump’s presidency will inevitably reveal itself from there.

“Follow the facts, watch the leaks, see if they lead anywhere,” said Hemmer.

Watch above, via Fox.

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