Forbes Gets Roasted For Calling Kylie Jenner a ‘Self-Made Billionaire’: She’s as Self-Made as ‘A Tube of Cookie Dough’

Journalists and media figures mocked a Forbes article which proclaimed reality television star Kylie Jenner the youngest “self-made” billionaire in the world Tuesday. The 21-year-old Jenner’s net worth recently topped $1 billion — a milestone she reached at a younger age than even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who hit $1 billion at age 23.

Critics are mocking Forbes for comparing Jenner’s fortune with Zuckerberg’s fortune, considering Jenner was raised in a family with a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars (if not more) who helped establish and invest in her business (she was already worth $5 million before her business started). They also put her on one of the most popular reality television shows in the country — where she’s starred for the past decade. Zuckerberg, conversely, founded his tech giant as a mere college student living in a dorm.

Here’s a sampling of the reaction:

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