Former Bush Aide To ABC: Congress More Concerned About Airport Delays Than ‘Horrible Shooting’ In Newtown

During an ABC This Week conversation on Congress’ ending the Federal Aviation Administration’s air traffic controller furloughs, former Bush aide Matthew Dowd lamented that it seems as though D.C. legislators are more concerned about their own airport travel delays than progressing on issues like gun control and the the government’s fiscal disarray.

Noting the “amazing” speed with which Congress ended the cuts scheduled to affect air traffic controllers this weekend, Dowd observed how “we constantly ask for bipartisanship out of this Congress and this administration, and the only way they’re bipartisan is to do something for themselves.”

“We have this horrible shooting where all these children die in Connecticut, we can’t pass gun control legislation,” he said, referring to December’s Newtown massacre. “But oh, by the way, you’re about to get delayed at the airport through some small budget cuts.”

“I still don’t understand why we make policy the way we make policy,” Dowd continued. “Everybody knows there’s a fiscal crisis in this country; everybody knows we don’t have the revenue to meet the expenses in this country. Somebody has to bear pain. But we act in Washington like nobody has to bear any pain. So as soon as anybody bears any pain, we’re going to take it back from them. That’s fundamentally the problem.”

Watch below, via ABC:

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