Former CIA Acting Director John McLaughlin: We Were Attacked and Trump ‘Sided With The Enemy’


Brian Williams spoke to former Deputy CIA Director John McLaughlin about President Donald Trump’s recent remarks and actions with regard to Russia, and McLaughlin had some strong comments in response.

“I have to ask you your reaction upon finding out that our Director of National Intelligence is unaware that an adversary has been invited to Washington, say nothing of others of our allies who have yet to receive their first invitation of this presidency,” Williams began.

“Well, Brian, you know, my reaction sitting there in the audience today was, you know, our government has slipped out of gear,” McLaughlin replied. “It is not functioning normally.”

“I’ve served seven presidents. That would not happen in any other administration,” he continued. “And it shows that the president was not prepared for the Helsinki summit and is now improvising again. Normally the way this works in a normal government that is in gear is that, as you know, there will be deputy’s meetings and principal’s meetings to prepare for these things. The pros and cons would be discussed in detail, people would put their cards on the table, we’d go ahead, but with full knowledge of what we wanted out of it and unintended consequences spelled out. Clearly that did not happen. It seemed to go from Trump’s head to his thumb to out to the world.”

“I sense in the last two weeks a shifting of the tide here,” he went on to say later in the segment. “You on your program and others have talked about at what point will this tip? At what point will there be critical mass of objection to some of the lunacy that’s going on here under this president? And I think something has happened in the last two weeks when you consider [FBI] Director [Christopher] Wray, DNI [Dan] Coats, the Deputy Attorney General today. Some prominent Republicans have spoken out, though not in an organized way yet, about the Russian events.”

“The United States was attacked and the president sided with the enemy in his Helsinki remarks,” he added.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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