Former CIA Chief Leon Panetta: Mueller ‘Very Close to Making a Case for Obstruction of Justice’ Against Trump

Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe into Russian involvement in the 2016 election has been a source of never-ending speculation while remaining virtually leak-free, but Leon Panetta suspects an obstruction of justice case may be on the way.

On Sunday, the former CIA director and defense secretary told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz evidence is mounting against President Donald Trump that might land him in the hot seat.

“They are getting very close to making a case for obstruction of justice not only by the steps that were taken in terms of the president demeaning and attacking a witch hunt, but also the fact that Rudy Giuliani himself has said that the whole purpose of their effort is to undermine the credibility of the special counsel, and then when you add to that the dismissal of those that were involved in the investigation, I think you begin to piece together the kind of case that could form around an obstruction of justice trial,” he said.

While Giuliani, Trump’s attorney, routinely attacks Mueller’s ongoing work, Panetta added that isn’t a wise defense tactic that does more harm than good.

“I think they have to be very careful to use this tactic of trying to undermine the special counsel and the special prosecutor because I think that could backfire,” he said.

Watch the clip above via ABC News.

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