Former Democratic Congressman Turned GOP: Obama Has Taken Us ‘Backwards’

Former Democratic Rep. Arthur Davis appeared on Fox & Friends on Thursday. Davis, a former four-term representative from Alabama who was defeated in the 2010 Democratic primary as he sought his fifth term, has announced he may seek office again in Virginia – this time, however, he would run as a Republican. “I supported President Obama four years ago because I wanted to see this country come together,” said Davis. “Unfortunately, we’ve gone backwards.”

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Co-host Gretchen Carlson first asked Davis why he would run as a Republican instead of a Democrat.

When you’re out of office – first of all, I’m nowhere near deciding to run for office – but when you’re out of office, you do get a chance to think about the direction of the country. You don’t have to worry about what a party is saying or what will get you votes. You can really think and reflect. And, in the last two years, I’ve looked at the fact that we are losing ground in this country economically.

Every time we think we’re moving forward we fall backwards. We’re more divided now than we were four years ago. Our school systems aren’t working. A lot of the policies that have been put in place in the last four years have been counter-effective. Businesses don’t think they have an environment where they think they can create jobs. And I could go on. What we’re doing is not working.

Davis said that he did not take the decision to switch parties lightly but he said that his views are simply “more aligned with the ‘R’ side than the ‘D’ side at this point.”

Carlson asked him to weigh in with his thoughts on President Barack Obama’s campaign against private equity and, in particular, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s former firm Bain Capital.

“Well, I’ve said for a very long time that capitalism is not always pretty. Sometimes, free markets are not always pretty,” said Davis. “But, you know what? They beat every other system in the world.”

Davis said that most Americans participating in the capitalist system are hard-working and do not “want to be torn down, they don’t want to be marginalized, they don’t want to be ridiculed.”

Davis closed his appearance on Fox by outlining why he, as an early Obama supporter, has now done an about face on his support of the President:

I supported President Obama four years ago because I wanted to see this country come together. I want us to change the way we talk to each other and thought about each other. Unfortunately, we’ve gone backwards on both fronts in the last several years. Four years ago, that was President Obama’s main offer to the American people. He didn’t have a lengthy resume or lengthy record – he admitted that. His main promise to the American people was, ‘I’ll bring us together, I’ll get us past being red and blue,’ and we’ve gone backwards on that count.

Watch the segment below via Fox News Channel:

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