Former Democratic Senator Evan Bayh To Join Fox News As Contributor

Former Democratic Senator Evan Bayh will be joining Fox News Channel as a political contributor. Bayh served as Senator from Indiana from 1999 to 2011 and was viewed by many as a centrist Democrat.

With many of Fox’s political commentators leaving, or rumored to be leaving the channel in order to pursue presidential ambitions, the hiring of Bayh responds to the complaints of some who hoped for more prominent liberal political contributors to balance out some of the powerful conservative voices Fox already employs.

In a statement, Michael Clemente, the network’s Senior Vice President of News Editorial said “Senator Bayh’s decades of experience in the political arena and his participation in key decisions in Washington will lend a valuable point of view to the entire FOX News lineup.” Bayh commented that he will be “pleased to offer analysis of public policy and politics to the millions of Americans who get their news from FOX.”

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