Former Federal Prosecutor Torches ‘Psychopath’ Cuomo in Brutal MSNBC Rant: ‘Takes Hubris to a New Level’


Former federal prosecutor Wendy Murphy called Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo a “psycho” on Tuesday in response to Cuomo’s response to a report being publicized that accuses Cuomo of sexual harassment and sexual assault against multiple women.

In his reaction, Cuomo denied the allegations and added, “I do kiss people on the forehead. I do kiss people on the cheek. I do kiss people on the hand. I do embrace people. I do hug people. Men and women.”

“New York as a state suffers the sting and the ugliness of their leader saying this is acceptable,” she said in a rant during Katy Tur Reports. “And his remarks in the aftermath? Wow. I mean, it takes hubris to a new level. I don’t even think arrogance comes close. I want to use psychopath.”

“Who, who, in a position, being the leader of a state, facing these overwhelming allegations from 11 women has the nerve to call them all liars? All of them? All? And this is cultural?” vented Murphy. “I’m an Italian person too. I have Italian blood. I want to be very clear, there is nothing Italian about grabbing a woman’s breast. There is nothing Italian about kissing someone that doesn’t want to be kissed. I take such offense at his defense to this.”

Murphy then said that Cuomo’s “arrogant” and “criminal” response saying, as she put it, “that these women give real victims a bad name” made her want to “throw my shoe at the television.”

“That alone gives grounds for impeachment,” she continued. “If the General Assembly cannot get it together to get this guy out of office, then good luck to the Democratic Party. That’s all I have to say. He does not belong in any party. Period.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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