Former GOP Senator Says Americans Need to Be More Like the Amish


One of the great debates raging in American politics has revolved around the issue of health care. Should we repeal and replace Obamacare? Should we try to fix the Affordable Care Act? Should we go single-payer? Well, according to one former Republican lawmaker, the answer to America’s problem of rising health care costs is to act more like a religious order that rejects the conveniences of modern technology.

Appearing on Morning Joe today, Tom Coburn was discussing how one can look to market solutions to make health care cheaper in the United States. After co-host Joe Scarborough mentioned that health care was one of the few things that don’t have market forces in it, the ex-Oklahoma senator told Joe who to look at for inspiration.

“Amish fathers, go look at them,” Coburn stated. “They buy the health care for about a third of what you pay because they go and find the best price. They go and work a deal, and they actually are paying for it.”

Coburn then went on to essentially say all of our problems as it relates to rising health care prices can be solved if we just aped the Amish.

“They buy great quality at a lower price,” he said. “All we need to do is copy what they are doing and we can solve our problems and we can reward excellence, which we should be because if you have a price, but you’re better, you’ll get a better price.”

He would then go on to mention the need for price transparency, causing the panel to not even address the fact that he had just made the case for copying the Amish.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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