Former ICE Director Cries ‘Fake News’ When Asked About Migrant Child Separation

Former ICE acting director Thomas Homan, today’s #OneLuckyGuy on Fox News’ Outnumbered,cried “fake news” when asked about reports that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is effectively making orphans out of migrant children because of President Donald Trump‘s rescinded zero tolerance border policy.

The former ICE acting director faced multiple questions over the agency’s division of migrant families, and he hit back at the critics for “vilifying” his colleagues, saying “they want better conditions for illegals than a United States citizen.”

Ex-Obama official Marie Harf asked Homan about the reports of detained migrants who were deported back to their home countries while their kids remain in foster care.

Homan insisted that migrant parents could’ve made arrangements to be deported with their children if they wanted to. Harf kept pressing about the accounts of parents who are reportedly asking for their children back, and told that no one knows how to find them.

“Is that what the U.S. government should be doing?” Harf asked.

“That’s fake news,” Homan retorted. He continued to say that there’s no such practice, that ICE and HHS coordinate to keep tabs on migrant families, and any truth to the reports Harf cited are isolated incidents about mistakes in the process.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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