Former ICE Director to Fox & Friends: Democrats ‘Need to Watch Fox & Friends‘ to Learn About Border Security


During an interview on Tuesday with Fox & Friends, former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan actively promoted the show by saying congressional Democrats should watch it if they want to know the truth about immigration and border security.

Steve Doocy kicked off the interview with Homan by noting that Democrats are citing “experts and professionals” who say President Trump‘s demanded border wall is largely unnecessary for national security. After Doocy finished laying out the implication that Democrats are ignoring pro-wall border security agents and the DHS, Homan took the green light he was given by saying Democrats have no interest in the input from border patrol agents who’ve spoken to Fox.

“I think they need to watch “Fox & Friends” for a week because you guys talked to experts. You talk to border patrol agents on the front line…I’m on the show, men and women who’ve actually done the job and stood on the line have been on your show a lot. Maybe they ought to watch the show and they’ll learn a lot. But I guarantee you, they won’t talk to experts that don’t agree with their political agenda.”

The interview continued with Doocy bringing up the media critics who’ve dissected Trump’s various, questionable fear-mongering claims on illegal immigration. Homan’s response: “I mean I wish they spent less time trying to poke holes in what the president is saying and help the president secure the border.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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