Former MSNBC Anchor Dylan Ratigan Tells Daily Show He Doesn’t Miss Cable News’ ‘Hollow Political Debate’

When Dylan Ratigan left MSNBC last year, he likely didn’t know what he would be doing next. But less than a year later, he has left the news business altogether to work on a hydroponic organic farm. The Daily Show‘s Al Madrigal caught up with Ratigan to see just how different his new lifestyle is from the world of cable news.

Explaining his unexpected career change, Ratigan told Madrigal, “There was very little incentive or desire from the left or right-wing media apparatus to actually resolve any problems.” Working on the farm, which also employs military veterans, proved more fulfilling for Ratigan than participating in a “hollow political debate.” Asking a question that many cable news anchors wonder to themselves in times of existential crisis, “Why sit around arguing with people in a circle,” Ratigan asked, “when we could actually be building greenhouses and creating jobs?”

This being The Daily Show, Madrigal tried as hard as he could to turn Ratigan’s idyllic setting into the cable news world he left behind, complete with a green screen version of a farm and pundit-style crosstalk. Inventing the fake network “TDS 24/7,” Madrigal hosted a debate between a reluctant Ratigan and a “professional plumber” who was upset the hydroponic technology uses less water than a regular farm.

During the field piece, Ratigan described more of what he thinks is wrong with the cable news landscape, saying it’s “too focused on feelings and not focused enough on facts.” He added, “they will book the same pundits that sort of can echo what they think,” which could possibly have been a jab at Martin Bashir, who replaced him at 4pm on MSNBC.

If Madrigal’s segment revealed anything about how Ratigan has changed in the months since he left the cable news world, it’s that he appears far more reasoned and relaxed than the often irate persona he displayed on MSNBC.

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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