Former NBC Host Linda Vester to Fox News: Everyone at NBC Knew Matt Lauer Was ‘Dangerous’


Former NBC News and Fox News host Linda Vester told Fox News’ Shannon Bream that Ronan Farrow’s reporting on NBC shows the company is not honest.

“I think Ronan Farrow’s meticulous reporting is showing that NBC was not honest when it conducted its own internal investigation of sexual misconduct.  In fact, they just really didn’t get to the bottom of it at all,” Vester said on Fox News @ Night Wednesday.

Vester also said that “everybody” was aware that former Today Show host Matt Lauer was “dangerous,” and that executives like Noah Oppenheim and Andy Lack knew about his behavior.

“I think that’s an inherent problem that has to stop at NBC News,” she said. “It has to stop and Comcast, the parent company of NBC, has to now finally launch a real investigation, because Ronan is reporting, among other things, that NBC apparently did know that Matt was a problem.  And let me tell you, from having worked at NBC News for nearly a decade, everybody knew, we all knew Matt was dangerous. That he had to be avoided at all costs. So, for NBC executives to say they didn’t know, I have a hard time with that.”

In 2018, Vester accused Tom Brokaw of sexual harassment, which Brokaw has previously denied.

“There’s a problem with abuse of power at NBC News, where people like Matt Lauer, people like Tom Brokaw, they are enabled day after day by having so much power over women and the careers of women,” Vester said.

Vester is the founder of the Silence Breakers Alliance, which funds nonprofit organizations that are working toward ending sexual harassment in the workplace.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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