Former NSA Director: Sally Yates’ Visit to WH Counsel Suggests ‘Chaos in the Trump White House’


Former NSA Director Michael Hayden appeared on CNN’s New Day on Monday, where he said that Sally Yatesattempts to warn the White House about Michael Flynn are not a good sign for President Trump‘s administration.

Hayden told Chris Cuomo that if Yates insisted on speaking with the White House counsel so early on in the administration’s life, it’s a significant sign that something was amiss. Hayden’s commentary comes as Yates prepares to testify before the Senate about what she told the White House about Flynn’s Russian connections before she was fired by the administration.

“If the Acting Attorney General insists on seeing the White House counsel, that is a tectonic thing in its own right,” Hayden said. “It suggests one: the chaos in the Trump White House, second is the inordinate distrust of the officials from the government they were replacing, and third is going to feed that darker narrative out there with regard to the relationship with the Trump campaign and the Russian Federation.”

In terms of what James Clapper is likely to say at today’s hearing, Hayden said the former Director of National Intelligence would probably put forward new information about Russia’s attempts to interfere with the 2016 election. Cuomo noted how Clapper once said that he hasn’t seen evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, though Hayden responded that the matter was not conclusive at the time, and it is still subject to multiple government investigations.

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