‘We’re in a Goddamn Freefall!’: Former Ambassador on Obama Foreign Policy


As multiple armed conflicts engulf the Middle East, the Obama administration is scrambling to find methods to stabilize the hostile region while continuing to negotiate a nuclear deal with the Iranian state. One former diplomatic official bluntly described the situation as a “goddamn freefall.”

Along with a Syrian civil war and the rise of ISIS forces throughout the region, Yemen now finds itself under control of the Houthis — a Shia rebel group that toppled a U.S.-friendly government — and on the tail end of military strikes from Egypt and neighboring Saudi Arabia.

While the United States can hardly be expected to control all the conflicts, some blame Obama administration actions for intensifying the problem. “We’re in a goddamn free fall here,” Amb. James Jeffrey told Politico this week. Jeffrey served as the Obama administration’s ambassador to Iraq and previously served as a national security advisor with George W. Bush.

Asked by Fox’s Greta Van Susteren to explain the so-called “freefall,” Jeffrey said Friday evening that “we haven’t done everything right, but you start off with a region that… since 1974, is in one or another in a state of crisis. What’s new is in the last few years, since the rise of al Qaeda, the situation has gotten worse. And the recipes we have tried to use to stem the violence and to stem the destabilization of the nation-states in the region by one or another Islamic religious movement, — be it Iranians, ISIS, al Qaeda — have not been successful.”

He added: “Now we’re at a crisis point.”

Watch below, via Fox News:

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