Former Obama Ethics Czar: Trump ‘In Realm of Nixon’s Obstruction, Maybe Worse’

Norman Eisen, the former ethics czar under President Barack Obama, indicated on Wednesday that the opening statement from former FBI Director James Comey, released ahead of his congressional testimony on Thursday, revealed obstruction of justice comparable to that of Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal.

“I think that this now, with the additional detail in the Comey memo — this moves us into the same realm as Nixon’s obstruction — maybe worse,” Eisen said on CNN. “This is the equivalent of the Nixon tapes; and we are headed into very, very choppy waters.”

Anchor Brooke Baldwin replied, “Wow.”

Moments earlier, Eisen outlined that “the most troubling thing in here is the direct request from Flynn; and remarkably, Comey is troubled by it and…he notes how troubled he was, and documents it and addresses how to deal with this kind of an extraordinary intrusion on an investigation.”

The Brookings Institution fellow added, “And that Flynn conversation — it is another nail in Trump’s coffin. This constitutes, I believe now, — it goes beyond a prima facie case of obstruction, and starts to be a powerful affirmative case.”

Eisen acknowledged that “we may still hear the negative case,” but continued by claiming that “this is another turn of the screw for President Trump on the obstruction of justice front.”

The former ambassador made the same arguments on Twitter on Wednesday.

You can watch Eisen’s remarks above, along with a reaction from Jeffrey Toobin, in the video above, via CNN.

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