Former President Of HLN Caught Leaving Dog Poop In Neighbor’s Mailbox On Camera

Bob Furnad, former president of CNN’s Headline News and currently retired suburbanite, is in a neighborly feud that’s making national headlines. See, Furnad didn’t realize a camera would catch him when he took his dog for a walk recently and decided the best place to dispose of his pooch’s poop would be his despised neighbor’s mailbox. Former TV executives: they’re just like us!

Furnad, head of HLN until his retirement in 2001, is seen quite casually depositing a parcel of dung in his neighbor’s mailbox, after taking a look around and making sure no human eyes were watching. When caught, he told his local paper he was merely lashing out on his neighbor for “years of malicious rumor mongering that I consider defamation of character.” Despite his retribution incentives, he was fined $181 for littering.

Good Morning America went the extra step to interview the neighbor, Benjamin Dameron who confessed to being “shocked” at finding feces in his mailbox, “We can’t figure out why he did it.” Dameron also joked he didn’t care why he did it (he declined a civil suit) and called it a “silly prank.”

The interview (and footage of the stealth poop attack) via ABC below:

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