Former Trump NatSec Aide K.T. McFarland Tap Dances Over Bolton Critique of North Korea Policy: ‘It Could Be a Lot Worse’


Former deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland danced around questions from Fox News’ Martha MacCallum about critiques from John Bolton of President Donald Trump‘s unproductive North Korea policy.

The president’s June 2019 meeting with Kim Jong-un was recently ripped by former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton, who has been revealing information about Trump during his time in the White House the last week in a new, tell-all book. Trump invited Kim to the photo op a week prior via Twitter, for a meeting that was supposed to be, “Just a quick hello.” That meeting lasted for more than an hour, during which Trump invited Kim for an unprecedented meeting at the White House.

In an interview with ABC, Bolton said he was focused on the press reaction of the meeting and added, “He was so focused on the reelection that longer-term considerations fell by the wayside.”

After showing the clip between ABC’s Martha Raddatz and Bolton, MacCallum pressed McFarland with inconvenient facts: “So with regards to North Korea, [Bolton] says that it was about the photo op when it came to that meeting. Then when you do look at to the history of what has happened with North Korea, just recently blew up a liaison office on the border of South Korea, this is not a situation that has really improved.”

“Well, it hasn’t gotten considerably worse,” McFarland offered by way of a defense for Trump, before appearing to lower the bar even further. “It could be a lot worse … by giving him the opportunity to be on that presidential level, the national stage, Trump was giving Kim some credibility that Kim craved”

“President Trump can pull that away at any minute,” McFarland claimed, without explaining how Trump could reverse Kim’s propaganda victory. “To me, that is far more important leverage on the other things that we have tried over the years — the carrots, the sticks that haven’t worked. So at least president Trump was trying to start a different kind of dialogue.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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