Former Trump Spox Jason Miller Buries Comey: ‘The Hubris of This Man…’

Former Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller blasted former FBI Directer James Comey after the airing of his first televised interview.

Miller began by dismissing the “obstruction of justice” allegations made against President Donald Trump was “ridiculous” and said it was “stunning” that Comey is “hawking books” and “trying to sell a movie deal.”

“What we saw tonight didn’t feel like some hard-hitting interview. This felt to me like an episode of Behind The Music where on one shoulder we have Director Comey thinking, ‘Well, do I go this way?’ or then on the other shoulder, ‘Do I go that way?'” Miller said. “I mean, the hubris of this man to decide when he has to tell the president who’s funding the dossier… or the politics that played into the fact that he brought up Hillary e-mail scandal again just before the election, it came across to me that former director Comey has a God complex and he’s the only one who can decide when things are right.”

When pressed as to whether or not Trump obstructed justice, Miller accused Comey of not “giving an accurate picture.”

“He’s the only one who can decide when leaking is okay. He’s the only one who can decide when lying is okay,” Miller continued. “I think he’s completely ethically conflicted out of this and it’s really stunning to me to watch this. I mean look, to think that to him that this is now about future business income more than anything else, I think is just stunning.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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