Former VA Dem Rep. Jim Moran Defends Northam: Don’t Rush to Give Him ‘Political Death Penalty’


On Tuesday, former Virginia Congressman Jim Moran spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about why he is urging caution while others seem ready to sentence Governor Ralph Northam to a “political death sentence.”

“I think we should put more facts on the table, frankly Anderson. What you have described is indefensible. There’s no question about it. And all of my friends who have urged him to resign, their position is entirely understandable,” he began. “But there are some things that don’t make a whole lot of sense. It’s a fact the photo is abhorrent. The whole history of blackfacing is sickening. That’s a fact. It’s not necessarily a fact that he’s in the photo or even knew it was on his page.”

He then stressed that there was time to sort out what really happened before rushing to judgment and going into a “frenzy.”

“There have been a series of these public shamings where we go into kind of a frenzy and we chew up and spit out the targets of our righteous indignation, and then we retreat into our, you know, corners where we’re ideologically comfortable, and it just contributes to mere tribalism,” he continued on. “I think that if all these facts are the case, that Governor Northam will resign. But I do object to what may be somewhat of a rush to judgment.”

He said given “sufficient time” the facts will come out.

“We can find out who was in that picture, we can find out how the picture got in that yearbook, and so before we subject somebody that high in office to resignation, which basically is the political death penalty, which means that all of his great-grandchildren, all of the Northam for generations to come, are going to know of governor Northam as somebody who had to resign out of racism,” the former Congressman continued on.

Then a little while later, Moran added this: “I think we ought to get all of the facts on the table so that everybody agrees these are the facts. Right now, he has a history of being an honest man. Give it a couple days.”

Moran also defended Northam on Sunday, saying on ABC’s This Week, “Even if the worst case scenario is true, I think there is an issue of redemption. Redemption is a very powerful factor in what people are able to accomplish.”

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