Former White House Advisor Kevin Hassett Sees Cable News ‘Glee’ in Reporting Trump Case: ‘Morality Play Upsets Me’


Former White House senior economic advisor Kevin Hassett criticized the media for taking “glee” in the news that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for Covid-19, arguing that White House workers who go in despite the risks are heroic, not “in denial about Covid.”

On CNN Newsroom Friday, Hassett said following Trump’s positive test, “For the most part, I think that even at his age most people who get Covid recover relatively quickly and don’t have very serious — unless they have comorbidities — very serious outcomes.”

After Poppy Harlow noted that Hassett was working at the White House when two other staffers tested positive for Covid-19, Hassett said, “It’s more than just the two that became public. There were people in the EOB as well that had Covid, and I think that the way to think about it, and I just wish that people would cover it this way — it seems like as I flip around the channels that there’s some places, even glee that there are people at the White House sick — is that people understand the risks.”

“When I was in the White House, you know, I got a little bit of a flak for saying, ‘Hey, I understand the risks. When there’s Covid, it’s incredibly contagious, and I’d be safer if I just stayed in my basement, but I’m going to work every day because it’s my duty to serve the country,'” Hasset continued. “I said that it’s scary, but you overcome that.”

“I mean, obviously, there are a lot of first responders that are doing much riskier things than going to the White House, but the West Wing is a cramped quarters place. If there is Covid anywhere in the West Wing then it could be that lots of people have it and people understand that,” he explained. “It’s not that they’re in denial about Covid, it’s that they’re willing to take the risks to serve their country. They’re heroic to do that.”

“And I would say that’s true of the journalists that go in every day as well, that they’re serving their country. They would be safer if they were Zooming, but they go into that White House press room to serve the country anyway,” Hassett declared. “So I think that’s way to think about it.”

He went on to say “that this idea that the White House is in denial about Covid and that they deserve to be sick or something, it’s just wrong.”

“There are 43,000 people that got Covid yesterday. Those 43,000 people weren’t misbehaving. There’s nothing immoral about what they were doing, it’s a contagious disease, it’s terrible, and it struck folks,” he concluded. “And turning it into the kind of morality play the way I see people doing is something that really upsets me.”

Watch above via CNN.

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