Fournier: WH Officials Say Privately They’re ‘Disgusted’ With Hillary’s Rule-Breaking

Ron FournierNational Journal editor Ron Fournier said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that White House officials privately tell him that they are “disgusted” with Hillary Clinton‘s refusal to follow the rules during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Host Joe Scarborough asked Fournier about the news that over a dozen emails were missing from the emails Clinton turned over to the State Department. “Why wouldn’t the State Department, why wouldn’t the Obama administration investigate this?” Scarborough asked. “They very clearly, off-the-record will all tell you– very clearly with eyes rolling– that they can’t believe Hillary Clinton did this.”

“And they, with eyes rolling, they would say [the Clintons] obviously don’t think they have to live by the same rules that rest of us live by. And, yet, they don’t investigate,” he continued.

“Well, yeah. I judge people by their actions, not their words,” Fournier responded. “White House officials tell me too they’re disgusted with the fact that Hillary Clinton violated their rules on foreign donations, violated the rules on e-mail.”

“Well, I haven’t heard the president rebuke her,” he continued. “I haven’t seen his State Department investigate this. so I got to assume that the Obama White House is complicit in this lack of transparency and in this rule-breaking, and whatever else is going on that we don’t know about.”

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