Neil Cavuto Gives John King A Strong Pat On The Back For ‘Open Marriage’ Question


Fox News’ Neil Cavuto defended CNN’s John King for opening Thursday’s debate by asking Newt Gingrich a question about his alleged “open marriage.” “Enough! Enough with making a big deal out of a question that was fair and an issue that was and is germane. Enough with making CNN’s reporter a villain and Newt Gingrich a hero for dodging it. He was perfectly in his rights trying to make him the issue, for even discussing the comments, but the reporter would have been derelict if he did not raise this. I respect Speaker Gingrich for the energy and intelligence that he brings to this race, but, frankly, his pile on the questioner because you do not like the question, is getting a little long in the debate tooth in this race,” Cavuto scolded.

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“The reporter is an excellent journalist — Newt Gingrich is an excellent politician. The excellent politician swats away an embarrassing question by trying to embarrass the guy who asked it. That is to be expected. The excellent journalist nevertheless asked knowing full well a crowd and a big one will frown on him because he did ask it. That, too, is to be expected. That doesn’t make him bad for raising an issue that has become the elephant in the room,” Cavuto continued. “Fair is fair! Now, argue all you want, that the media is unfair to Republicans on this kind of issue but if memory serves me right, when this stuff happens for pure ratings, they love this kind of issue. Gingrich is free to swat it away and say he has made peace with god for past transgressions but save the piety.”

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