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Shep Smith Cuts Interview Short After Guest Discloses Business Ties To Google

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith seemed to cut short an interview with a computer security expert Thursday afternoon, after stopping the guest to ask
if he did business with Google, which was the company the expert was discussing–and lavishly praising. In the segment, about a group of hackers who infiltrated hundreds of Gmail accounts, Symantec executive Francis Desouza began by saying “first, I think Google deserves a lot of credit for coming forward and talking about this attack.”

Desouza went on to describe the nature of the hackers’ attack, but his complimentary comments about the company clearly concerned Smith, who recently served as a journalism professor for a group of students from his alma mater, the University of Mississippi. At the end of Desouza’s answer, which wrapped with another suggestion that “Google deserves credit for coming forward” Smith asked, “do you have business ties to Google?” Desouza confirmed that yes, his company does do business with Google in “a number of different ways.” And… interview over. “Okay, that’s it,” said Smith. “Great. Thanks for coming on.”

Watch it here, from Fox News:

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