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Fox Affiliate Airs Intense Gunfire That Left a Suspect Dead

During a live report Friday afternoon, Fox affiliate WTVT briefly aired the intense police gunfire that led to the death of a man suspected of home invasions and sexual assault.

The Tampa-area news channel was reporting on the police chase before cutting away to live helicopter footage of an unmarked police sedan pulling up to a stopped orange-red sedan with 24-year-old suspect Charlie Christopher Bales inside.

Although the footage was not graphic in nature, it was clear that the smoke pillars shooting out of the police car were bullets being fired upon Bales’ vehicle. “They’re actually shooting at him, it appears,” said WTVT anchor Denise White before the video cut back to her in-studio and she scrambled to recap what had already been discussed.

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Bates was later pronounced dead from his gunshot wounds. He had been pursued by the police for several hours after an alleged all-night crime spree that included home invasions, violent robberies, and several sexual assaults.

Watch below, via WTVT-TV:

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