Fox Analyst Defends Drones: If An American Takes Up Arms Against Fellow Citizens, ‘You Kill The Sucker, Period’

President Obama‘s drone program has elicited controversy, to say the least, but he does have some support among those who aren’t typically his biggest fans. On Friday’s Fox & Friends, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters spoke to co-host Gretchen Carlson about how the program is Obama’s one “sensible” policy.

“It’s the only policy Obama has that works,” Peters said. The administration’s policy to kill not capture terrorists is a “wise” one, he added, because capturing them just sticks us with another “unfunded liability.” The bottom line: “Killing terrorists works.”

Carlson — who noted yesterday that she, too, didn’t have an issue with Obama’s policy — then went on to ask Peters about the criticism that American citizens should be given due process. Peters deemed it “absolute nonsense.”

“Throughout our history we have killed Americans who took up arms against their law-abiding fellow citizens,” he asserted. “This is not a legal issue. It’s not an issue at all.”

“If an American turns his back on Americans and tries to kill Americans, you kill the sucker, period,” Peters added. “No legal issue. Kill him.”

“Agreed, from this point of view,” Carlson noted, asking whether he feared it would “go beyond that.”

“Obama is doing one sensible thing,” he replied. “Let’s give him credit for the one smart thing he’s doing, whatever his motivation may be.”

Take a look, via Fox News:

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