Fox Analyst Gregg Jarrett: SDNY Prosecutors Are ‘Morons’ Trying to ‘Implicate’ Trump in Crimes

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett called the team of prosecutors from the Southern District of New York “morons” for a document that he claims “contorts the law in a deliberate effort to implicate the President in wrongdoing.”

Jarrett — who has previously compared special counsel Robert Mueller to the “KGB” for his investigation into President Donald Trump — took aim at the prosecutors over Michael Cohen‘s sentencing memo, which accuses the president of directing his former lawyer to illegally pay off women.

The Fox News analyst called the SDNY prosecutors “kids” and “morons” with “no real experience.”

Jarrett’s attacks on the federal prosectors drew fire and mockery from other legal analysts on Twitter — notably because he botched the name of the law he was attacking prosecutors for not knowing. (It’s the Federal Election Campaign Act, not the Federal Campaign Election Act.)

“You have no idea what you’re talking about,” replied CNN legal analyst Renato Mariotti. “Rob Khazami has accomplished far more than most lawyers in his storied career. And the U.S. Probation Department agreed with him.”

“Either you’re ignorant, are deliberately misleading the public, or both,” Mariotti added.

UPDATE: Gregg Jarrett is very mad at Mediaite online:

We’re not going to post Jarrett’s rambling screed here, but we will link to his Twitter page in case any intrepid readers want to check it out for themselves.

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