Fox Anchor and Donna Brazile Clash Over Trump, Russian Meddling: ‘I Don’t Need You to Interpret What I Said’


Fox Business host Neil Cavuto clashed with former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile over Donald Trump’s knowledge of Russian meddling after Brazile refused to concede that the president won a legitimate election.

Brazile, who is a Fox News contributor, appeared on a Fox Business segment and attempted to distance herself from past comments arguing Russia is the reason Trump is the president, while simultaneously defending them.

“I’m saying that Russia played a role in 2016 and I say while there are other factors that led to Secretary Clinton falling short of the 270 electoral votes, yes, I do believe that Russia was a major factor and the debacle in 2016,” she said after Cavuto asked if she still believes the Trump administration is illegitimate.

The debate got taken up a notch after Cavuto accused Brazile of refusing to address Hillary Clinton‘s “lousy campaign or her refusal to go to these big manufacturing states” and just scapegoating Russia instead.

“When I talk I speak for myself, I don’t need you or anybody else to interpret what I said,” Brazile shot back, to which the host replied, “No, no, I’m quoting you. Donna, you said Russia is the reason that Hillary Clinton isn’t president.”

“I do believe that Russia is one of the major factor-wise why she’s not in the White House,” she replied. “But there are other mitigating factors and I said that as well.”

After the segment aired, Cavuto replayed it on Fox News and tried to get the last word in about their debate, saying of his colleague Brazile, “Like her a lot that’s fine, and she’s a contributor here, that’s great. She did say if not for Russia, Hillary Clinton would be in the White House.”

“Many Democrats harbor that view that President Trump is not the duly elected president,” he added. “They won’t let go of.”

Watch above, via Fox News and Fox Business Network.

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