Fox Anchor Julie Banderas Stands Up for Gay Marriage: No One Voted on My Wedding

banderasOver the weekend, Fox News anchor Julie Banderas gave a pretty passionate defense of gay marriage in response to a viewer question about why the American people shouldn’t be able to vote on it.

Banderas said, “I’m a married woman. I have… a ring on my finger. I never asked anyone to vote on whether or not I had the right to do this.”

She brought up her gay sister, who was the maid of honor at her wedding, and how she’d like to return the favor someday, and said that a gay friend of hers at Fox News walked her mother down the aisle at her own wedding.

Banderas asked how, then, could anyone have the right to tell someone that they don’t get to “spend the rest of their lives with somebody they love.”

Ever since she made those comments over the weekend, Banderas has gotten some less-than-thrilled responses from Fox viewers and engaged with some of them:

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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