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Fox and Friends‘ Brian Kilmeade Jokes About UN Sec. General: ‘I’ve Eaten At Ban Ki-moon’

Some circles of media criticsism seem to hold the belief that Fox and Friends is nothing more than a collection of anti-intellectual frat boy behavior that regularly embarrasses the news division of its network Fox News. And while that is not really a fair description, neither is it an unfair way to describe the show at times. Case in point? Watch co-host Brian Kilmeade joking about the name of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

While introducing a somewhat outraged conversation about the United Nation, Al Gore and “global warming,” Kilmeade mentions Ban Ki-moon in an innocent enough way, which elicits a response from co-host Steve Doocy. Is it offensive? Probably if you are looking to be offended then yes. Others, if not most, will see it as a light moment that is sophomoric at best.

Watch the clip courtesy of Fox News below:


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