Fox and Friends: Candidates With The Best Hair Always Win Presidential Elections

Even though it’s late August, there is no shortage of big stories to follow: the apparent regime change in Libya, a rare East Coast earthquake and a still stagnant economy leading into the political season have all combined to make this week a rather interesting period in the news. But thankfully the producers at Fox and Friends still have time to uncover more nuanced stories and perhaps a much bigger variable driving the next presidential campaign season: the hair-do of various presidential candidates.

Guest Peter Funt was invited on for the lighthearted (yet still absurd) segment that seemed to seriously suggest that the candidate with the best hair always wins the White House. How odd was the segment? Funt actually proclaimed that history was made in 2008 because it was the “first time Americans elected an African-American hair cut.” Huh.

Yes, we know that Fox and Friends is an “entertainment” show and not hard news program, but sometimes it verges on self-parody as is the case with this very silly segment. Watch it below, courtesy of Fox News:

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