Fox and Friends: Peter Johnson, Jr. Decries The Over-Politicization Of 9/11 By Democrats

On Fox and Friends Wednesday morning, anchor Steve Doocy and Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. lamented the way 9/11 was being politicized by both journalists and supporters of the Obama Administration.

Doocy opened the segment by questioning whether Democrats were unfairly connecting the response to 9/11 under the Bush administration to a larger malaise that Americans appear to be experiencing. Johnson predicted the mainstream media would “brainwash” the public in the next few days over “what 9/11 means,” before singling out Time magazine and the Aspen Festival of Ideas for attributing the current malaise in the country to Bush’s reaction to the tragedy. He also found time to criticize New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman for blaming the Republican response to 9/11 for “all the problems we’re suffering in this country.”

“Let’s not prostitute the loss of 9-11 for winning brownie points and political points,” Johnson pleaded. “Let’s solemnly observe this date. Let’s do it in a nonpolitical way that recognizes the sacrifice of Americans on that day and the sacrifice of thousands of Americans since that day. Every day.”

Fox News detractors might see the following clip and openly wonder who has been politicizing 9/11 over the last decade. But no matter, the Fox and Friends audience likely agrees with everything that Johnson claims.

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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