Fox and Friends Dismisses Trump’s ‘Enemy of the People’ Media War: He’s Simply Pointing Out a Double Standard


On Fox and Friends Sunday, hosts Abby Huntsman and Pete Hegseth discussed the president’s escalating attacks on the free press with Trump surrogate Mike Huckabee, and they concluded that he’s just making a simple point about double standards in reporting.

They started with a New York Times editorial — which Hegseth noted the president calls the “Failing New York Times” — about children attending Trump rallies, which Huckabee called “embarrassing.” He brought up their hiring of Sarah Jeong, calling her “a racist, sexist, cop-hating person.”

“For them to come out and try to say anything negative about the tone of Donald Trump is absolutely laughable,” he said. “They are making a joke of themselves, and I didn’t think they could do a better job of doing that than they already have done.”

Hunstman asked if calling them the “enemy of the people” and “disgusting” is helpful in the long run.

Huckabee’s answer broke slightly with the President’s point of view — though neither he nor Pete Hegseth acknowledge it’s a break — when he replied that the press are important and good, generally.

“I think he’s got to distinguish the fact that not all the press are the enemy of the people. A free, responsible press is the best thing we have in a democracy, It’s critical to our survival,” said Huckabee. “But the other side of that coin, the press needs to act with some level of responsibility.”

Huckabee’s distinction between the types of press was less specific than President Trump’s.

Huckabee alluded to Jim Acosta as an example of the bad media, and brought up the notion of bias, saying that presenting the facts without bias is something you don’t see in journalism very much.

“That kind of journalism is the enemy of real freedom and liberty and for people to think for themselves,” he told the Fox and Friends hosts.

“Yeah, and that’s what he’s pointing out, he’s simply pointing out that’s, it’s been a double standard for a long time and I’ve been able to expose it to you,” said Hegseth, who then began the next topic by saying “another hallmark of the left is identity politics…”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

Oh also, reporter and journalist Griff Jenkins was there.

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