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Fox and Friends: Pelosi’s Use Of “The Word” Shows Liberals “Can’t Say The Word ‘God'”

Among the many things the “far left” get called regularly on the morning show Fox & Friends, god-fearing was never quite that high on the list. But host Gretchen Carlson argued precisely that this morning: not that liberals fear God, but that Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s repeated use of the phrase “The Word” to describe her adherence to the gospel proves that “people on the far left can’t say the word ‘God.'”

Carlson and her co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade were discussing Pelosi’s recent statement (or, as F&F put it, her “religious rant”) that her favorite word was “The Word,” and that she does take the Bible into consideration when coming up with policy. Doocy made the now-common argument on the right about this statement (“News flash: the Bible does not like abortion”)– though he praised Pelosi for being open about her faith. Kilmeade just contributed intro (“I thought Grease was the word”) and conclusion jokes (“amen to that”). But it was Carlson who made a curious assertion: “God” is a “bad word” to liberals. Since those on the “far left” can’t say the word “god” without losing votes, she argued, Pelosi had to discuss her faith in other terms, using the less offensive term “the word.”

Video from this morning’s Fox & Friends below:

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