Fox And Friends Psychoanalyze ‘Admitted Liar,’ Media Matters Founder David Brock

Recently Jon Stewart received the attention of many Fox News personalities, and now it seems Media Matters founder David Brock and his organization are the new people of interest. This morning Juan Williams suggested Media Matters is trying to ruin people’s lives, and now Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow weighs in with his psychological profile of what exactly makes Brock tick.

Ablow commented on how Brock previously was a “right-wing hatchet man,” yet now considers conservatives to be the enemy:

“This is somebody who seemingly has such low self-esteem that he’s lurching from one group to another. Whoever will embrace him and reassure him that he’s a decent guy . . . that’s who he’s going to be with.”

Yet Brock’s punishment for being a thorn in Fox’s side wasn’t complete yet, as Steve Doocy described him as “an admitted liar” and Ablow added Brock is a “very dangerous man” who was adopted, which ultimately could explain why he is “full of self-hatred” without feeling loved. If it wasn’t clear already, the gloves are definitely coming off in this anything goes war of words.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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