Fox & Friends: Where’s the Outrage From Sharpton, Obama on Chris Lane?

On Wednesday morning, the Fox and Friends crew asked where Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and President Barack Obama were regarding the shooting of Chris Lane—the Australian ballplayer who was gunned down in Oklahoma recently by three teens where were “bored”—as “every time there’s something like this that happens, they always weigh in.”

“Right now, we’re going to go to a live shot of Jesse Jackson and Al Shaprton,” Brian Kilmeade said, and then staged-freezed for a shot that never appeared.

“Oh, wait, we don’t have it,” said guest host Anna Kooiman. “Why don’t we have it? Because they haven’t come forward and said anything. Are they going to? Will they? And should they?”

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“We heard a lot from them during the Trayvon Martin situation,” Steve Doocy said. “Allen West has tweeted, quote, ‘We were bored and decided to kill somebody. Three black teens shoot white jogger. Who will President of the United States identify with this time?’ Excellent point. I wonder when celebrities are going to put on ‘I Am Chris Lane’ t-shirts?”

“Like Jamie Foxx?” Kilmeade offered.

“You think that stuff is going to happen?” Doocy asked. “Or is there once again, as we have talked about many times, a double standard regarding things like this?”

Watch the full segment below, via Fox News:

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