Fox Business’ Gasparino Defends Chris Cuomo on Confrontation: Showed ‘Admirable Restraint’

Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasparino defended Chris Cuomo this morning over that viral confrontation recorded on viral last week and said if anything the CNN anchor showed “remarkable restraint.”

Cuomo went off on someone who called him “Fredo,” subsequently apologizing for not “be[ing] better than the guys baiting me.”

Howard Kurtz said Cuomo should’ve walked away sooner, but added he was clearly provoked and the guy “kept on baiting him.”

Gasparino said he’s friends with Cuomo and told Kurtz he would disagree with the idea that “Fredo” is an ethnic slur, let alone comparable to the n-word in any way.

“I do, though think that the guy deserved… listen, if I’m with my kids and you come up to me in a provocative way,” he continued, “there is a good chance that if I think I’m threatened, I’m going to knock you out, okay? And I think in that sense, Chris Cuomo showed admirable restraint. That guy deserved to be smacked.”

Gasparino recalled when people came up to him and got in his face years ago, saying it was Wall Street guys who didn’t like his coverage.

Kurtz remarked that the Trump campaign is selling Fredo shirts with Cuomo’s face and remarked it seems like a “low blow.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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