Fox Business’ Gasparino Reports Biden is ‘Seething’ Behind the Scenes, Still Plans on Running

Fox Business’ Charlie Gasparino reported on Wednesday that former Vice President Joe Biden is still planning a 2020 run despite recent controversy.

He is also reportedly seething behind the scenes.

Teasing his revelation on Twitter, Gasparino wrote: “As of yesterday @JoeBiden associates telling fundraisers he’s still committed to running for president; Biden associates putting out word to Wall Street donors that his presidential run is still on.”

Then, speaking on Fox Business Wednesday afternoon, Gasparino explained more, including why he was clear to say “as of yesterday.”

“I’m going to preface this by saying this as of yesterday…You never know what will happen a week from now. As of yesterday, this is what we know from Joe Biden’s associates. These are guys on Wall Street, people that he spent a long time cultivating. What they are saying is he is telling them and his associates are telling them that he’s definitely running. The word is, as of yesterday, again, 100% in. He’s committed to run.”

He also said in wake of the attacks, behind the scenes, Biden is “seething.”

“I know he put out the statement today where he showed some contrition, but behind the scenes, he’s seething. He really believes these are coordinated attacks, at least some of them. from the Sanders campaign, Bernie Sanders,” he continued on. “He really believes it’s coming from them. They say it’s stiffened his resolve to run.”

Watch above, via Fox Business

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