Fox Business Guest Attacks Christine Ford’s Credibility: ‘She Was Far From Being Raped’

Pundits and expert commentators are booked by cable news programmers to provide attention-grabbing hot takes. The sort of over-the-top hyperbole or counterintuitive opinion that can lead to social media promotion and/or, say, a Mediaite post.

Sydney Powell provided a perfect example of the sort of eyebrow-raising comment during an appearance on Fox Business Network when she soberly questionned the credibility of Dr. Christine Ford during her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The former Federal Prosecutor opened by criticizing the entire spectacle, and the Democratic Senators for ostensible virtue signaling. But she followed by delivering red meat criticism of Ford that FBN viewers are ostensibly looking for.

Powell hit for the cycle in this appearance. To wit:

Dismissing Ford’s allegations because she wasn’t raped? CHECK.

Blaming Ford for her part in the alleged attack because she was “going up the stairs?” CHECK.

Saying that she lacks credibility because of allegedly inconsistent fear of flying? CHECK

Lauding the character of Brett Kavanaugh as being “very concerned for the welfare of other women”? CHECK.

“The emotion that I’m seeing does not appear to be real at all,” Powell observed. “There were certainly no tears.”

Kudos Ms. Powell, for playing the part of a political hack so completely! The political experts on sister network Fox News whole-heartedly disagree with you, but you will always have Fox Business!

Watch the clip above, courtesy of FBN.

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