Fox Business Host Stuart Varney Asks Trump if Aides Try to Confiscate His Phone to Stop the Tweeting

President Donald Trump gave an interview to Fox Business on Wednesday, the latest stop on his media blitz, and Stuart Varney asked if aides ever tried to confiscate his phone to stop him from tweeting.

“Has anybody ever said to you, ‘Mr. President, let me have your phone, I want to take your phone away, for just a brief shining moment, we don’t want any more of these tweets.’ Has anyone ever tried that?” Varney asked.

“No,” Trump replied. “It’s a way of getting out the message.”

“Look we have fake news, everyone’s fake,” Trump continued, before suggesting that “some of the people on Fox” fall into that category (not Varney).

“There’s so much misinformation put out, that’s my only form of communicating, really, aside from doing a press conference every hour,” he said. Trump complained about the headline on his interview with the Associated Press, which he called “FAKE NEWS” earlier on Wednesday in a tweet.

“I don’t call it tweeting, I call it social media,” Trump added.

Varney eventually put an end to the rambling, asking the president about his press conferences: “You never miss an opportunity. When a question is shouted at you, you almost always respond!”

Trump then embarked on a tirade against CNN, bashing an unnamed reporter for asking him a “horrible, stupid question.”

“You seem to really be enjoying it!” Varney said.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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