Fox Business Reporter Says Society Can Forgive Northam: ‘We Forgive’ Trump on Charlottesville


While discussing Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam‘s blackface scandal, Fox Business Network reporter Kristina Partsinevelos tried to make the case for forgiveness by claiming that “we forgive Charlottesville,” among other things.

On Sunday morning’s edition of Fox News Channel’s MediaBuzz, host Howie Kurtz noted the near-unanimous calls for Northam to resign over the blackface scandal, and the media’s failure to have surfaced this material before Northam was elected.

“I think it’s very much about the media,” Kurtz said, “because often you have liberal pundits defending a Democrat, or saying what he did was bad, but he apologized, and you don’t have that here.”

Kurtz added that Trump went “on Twitter says ‘How did this media not discover this, how did this not get leaked when he ran for governor in 2017, and why do they get leaked now?”

Trump’s tweet, surprisingly, did not actually mention the media, but slammed Ed Gillespie’s “Opposition Research Team” for failing to uncover the photo.

“There’s all kinds of conspiracy theories around that, and I don’t really think that we should focus too much on that,” Partsinevelos said. “I think we should focus on would we be having a different conversation right now had he come out, admitted it, apologized, saying that that was somebody from the past, he’s no longer like that.”

“I think we forgive,” she unfortunately continued. “We forgive with Charlottesville, we forgive, even, President Trump when he was, during his campaign, he said ‘My African-American’ to a supporter in the crowd. So there are, there has happened before, race has come up, it’s a question of do we forgive as a society. He lied, he wasn’t trustworthy, so that is the conversation we should be having.”

A charitable reading of Partsinevelos’ point would be that she was talking about Trump’s comments following Charlottesville, and not the white supremacist protest/murder of Heather Heyer itself, a reading that is undercut by her addition of “we forgive, even, President Trump.”

But either way, it is difficult to argue that anyone has forgiven the Charlottesville murder, or Trump’s comment that there were “very fine people” among the white supremacist rioters, or even the one example of Trump’s many racist statements that she chose to present. “Forgiveness” would not include those who agreed with Trump in the first place.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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