Fox Business’ Stuart Varney: Christine Ford is ‘Undermining the Integrity of the Court’

During the first break of the Christine FordBrett Kavanaugh hearing, Fox Business’ Stuart Varney questioned why prosecutor Rachel Mitchell was there in the first place.

“Why is it that when someone is perhaps in the process of ruining the career of a reputation of a man nominated to the Supreme Court––why is it that someone who is, in many ways, undermining the integrity of the court and the nominee, why can’t that person be questioned vigorously? Why do we have to step back and with absolute maximum caution have her interviewed by another woman?”

“I think it’s because of the times in which we live,” Judge Andrew Napolitano answered, bringing up the infamous Anita Hill hearing.

He said the Republicans likely doubt “even a successful cross-examination by any one of the eleven white male Republicans on Dr. Ford would cause blowback to the political career of whoever did it.”

“So politics prevents the sharp-edged questioning of Dr. Ford,” Varney said.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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