Fox Business’ Trish Regan Presses Trump on Helsinki After Past Criticism: ‘I Wondered Why You Weren’t Tougher’


Some of the most notable reactions to the infamous Helsinki summit came from Fox News and Fox Business hosts who tore into President Donald Trump over his shocking public statements about Russian hacking in front of Vladimir Putin.

One such reaction came from Fox Business’ Trish Regan. Regan got fired up after Trump’s comments at the time, saying he should have defended the U.S. and even going so far as to suggest what the President did was “unpatriotic.”

So when Regan spoke with Trump for her big interview tonight––her second night in primetime––she brought up Helsinki, acknowledged her criticisms, and asked Trump about his meeting with Putin.

“I wondered why you weren’t tougher on Putin,” she said. “But you’ve said you had a great meeting. You met with him one on one. What happened?”

Trump said being tough could’ve been easy for him and said that their meetings were “great” and that he was “very tough.”

“But why were they great?” Regan asked.

Trump proceeded to ding the media coverage of him not being tough enough, saying, “Let me tell you, if I was too tough, they’d say, Trump was too tough. I could have a very good relationship with Russia. Having a good relationship with Russia would be a good thing, not a bad thing.”

Regan asked him, “Did you tell him in the meeting he’s got to knock it off?”

“We talked about Israel,” Trump said. “We talked about meddling. I said no more meddling, if you did meddle––I said no more meddling. To which he says, ‘I didn’t meddle, I didn’t meddle.’ I said no more meddling. You know, Obama said ‘Knock it off,’ and yet, Obama’s talking to his second-in-charge, and he’s saying, tell Vladimir I’ll talk to him after the election.”

Watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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