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Fox’s Varney Chides Pence for Not Social Distancing While Asking Walmart Staff to Follow Guidelines

Fox Business host Stuart Varney chided Vice President Mike Pence Wednesday morning for not heeding his own advice on social distancing when speaking to Walmart employees.

“We all know what each one of us has to do to slow the spread,” Pence said over the PA system at a Walmart in Virginia, in video aired on Fox Business. “You heard the president last night, we are calling on the American people to put into practice all the president’s coronavirus guidelines.”

“We got strong leadership at the state level, I promise you this president and our team will continue to bring strong leadership and guidance at the federal level, But you’re the people; you’re the people that are making the difference on the ground,” he continued. “Really, it’s our health care workers, and it’s the people that are keeping the supply chain rolling in America that’s going to make it possible.”

Varney proceeded to call out Pence over not following those guidelines, which maintain everyone should keep six feet of distance with other people.

“That’s the vice president there. He’s visiting a Walmart distribution center in Virginia. He just said you know what you ought to do, follow the president’s guidelines, and that is keep your distance,” the Fox Business host said. “I don’t want to be critical, but the vice president is not exactly keeping his distance from the people immediately around him, and they’re not wearing masks, either. A little bit of a contradiction there.”

“Perhaps the vice president and the rest of the team should set an example by truly following the presidential guidelines there,” Varney concluded.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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